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Why Nature's Essence

The ultimate in concealment..

Essence of Fall, the flagship of the Nature's Essence line, is formulated naturally from items found in the woods and fields. This unique product, made with a natural alcohol, eliminates many odors on contact, drys quickly and won't freeze. Because this alcohol occurs naturally in the wild, animals are not bothered by it and it evaporates quickly leaving no trace! Essence of Fall has an indefinite shelf life. See our full line of scent eliminators, deodorizers and buck lures

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Helping Hunters For 30 Years

The ultimate in concealment...

Owned by Rick Giles Sr. and his son Ricky Giles Jr., Nature's Essence  has been helping hunters "be invisible" for 30 years.

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Nature's Essence For Odor Control

It's Not Just For Hunting

The Best All Natural Cover Scents and Deodorizers work on most odors, naturally. Carpet, clothing, shoes, pet areas, even skunk!

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