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The Team

We believe that giving you great products and great service are part of a successful hunting experience.


Rick Giles Sr.


I am Rick Giles Sr. one of the owners of Nature's Essence Co. Inc. I have been hunting for 40+ years and still have the passion for being in the woods hunting whitetail deer.My hobbies all pertain to the outdoors, hunting,fishing, riding motorcycle, and also shed hunting for deer antlers, in the springtime. I have lived in the same small town in western NY for 47 years and I love it! (as I always say,"we live in the woods, which in my opinion, there is no better living!") My son Ricky Jr. and I were given the opportunity to purchase Nature's Essence Co. Inc. in 2012, which we were excited to do. I had used there products for a long time and had great success whether I was in a treestand or hunting on the ground. Ricky Jr. and I hope you enjoy using our products and also enjoy the success they will give you.
(Spray it on and disappear!)


Brian Kightlinger

General Manager

My name is Brian R. Kightlinger, I am from Northwest Pennsylvania, and I have been hunting since I was 12. I have been in love with the outdoors for as long as I can remember. When I am not hunting, I am scoring whitetail deer or shooting my bow at any archery competition I can find. I am a teacher in a rural school district where I have started an outdoor club that showcases my love for the outdoors and prepares my students for their Pennsylvania Hunter's Safety Course. The wonderful people I have met in the outdoors have helped me to achieve some great goals. I am lucky to be on some amazing staff positions with wonderful people. Some of these staff positions are: Nature's Essence, Black Eagle Arrows, Dead Center Archery Products, G-Force Outdoors, Advanced Takedown Treestands, Hipps Archery Targets, Buck Cage, Adrenaline Bound Outdoors, Firenock, and U-Slide Bow Holders. I have been using Nature's Essence Products for well over a decade and love how it makes me invisible to game I hunt!staffing decision, and we haven’t been disappointed since.


Melanie Grapes

Outreach Coordinator

Born and raised in the Buffalo, New York area, I have loved the outdoors since I was a little girl hiking, hunting and fishing with my dad and grandfather.  Surprisingly, it was only a few years ago that a very good friend of mine put a bow in my hand, taught me to shoot and got me back out in the woods after a very long time... and I haven't looked back.  I have since had the good fortune of learning the sport of archery, 3D shooting and hunting from a great group of people, shooting some of the best bows and crossbows in the industry and being accepted to field staff for names such as Nature's Essence, Black Eagle Arrows, Hips Targets and Advance Take Down Treestands, to name a few.  In addition, I bring more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing operations and Customer Service management, offering a unique perspective to the Nature's Essence Team of understanding how many things fit together.  I am also a wildlife and pet portrait artist.  I look forward to being part of the Nature's Essence Staff Team sharing my love of all things nature and joining the ranks of women from all walks of life discovering their passion for nature and hunting.


Phil Voorhees

Events Rep

I have been an active archer and hunter since I was 16. I am very active in 3D shooting and I love shooting with family and friends. I also travel to a lot of different states for competition archery.I live in a small town in western NY which is pretty much located in the woods and that is where I love spending time.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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